Meet Lukas: Traveling the world and bartering skills

This post is part of our series about remarkable travelers who we think the world needs to hear more about.

Lukas is a web designer, developer and photographer who funds his travels by bartering his skills with sustainable businesses, NGOs, eco-tourism and community projects that need professional help, but often can not afford hiring an agency or high paid contractors. 

Here are 3 things we learned from Lukas.

Exchanging skills is not just a smart way to travel

Lukas enjoys exchanging what he’s good at for something someone else can offer or teach him, no money involved. We, humans, introduced currency into this transaction thousands of years ago. As a result, we lost the sense of what it really feels like to earn our living by what we do. Getting actual, physical and intellectual benefits in exchange for the knowledge and skills we’ve accumulated can be an empowering, and almost primal experience.

Opportunities to make sustainable choices need action

It doesn’t hurt to ask yourself “when was the last time I actually acted on my conviction that there’s something really wrong with where we are moving as a civilization?” Many will agree that there IS something wrong with that. Taking action is a different story. Opportunities are just that — opportunities, if we don’t actively seek ways to put them to action. We admire Lukas for making travel about taking action.

Downgrading is a healthy exercise

Working for NGOs and community projects means sacrificing some of the comforts in your life and travels. But it also means getting out of the bubble most of us are building around ourselves and seeing what really matters. Downgrading is an exercise in the adjustment of perspective.

How you can show your support for what Lukas is doing

From March Lukas will be working on Project Nuevo Mundo in Chile — be sure to check out the project and if you like what you see — support by signing up.

You can also show your support by following Lukas on Twitter and Instagram, and reading his stories on Good Things Everywhere.