Meet Youjin: documenting the starting point of digital nomad generation

This post is part of our series about remarkable travelers who we think the world needs to hear more about.

Youjin is creating a turning point in the history of digital nomads - producing the first independent, community focused documentary on digital nomads, remote teams and the future of work. Here's why Youjin is a huge inspiration for us.

Taking a huge leap forward in the development of digital nomad culture

Digital nomads as a phenomenon is not new. From travel writers and photographers to freelance designers, distributed agencies, remote startups - digital field professionals have been working on the road and sharing their nomadic stories for a while now. A huge leap forward for this movement is bridging digital nomads as a subculture with the mainstream public. Youjin explains:

The dialogue inside a subculture is the most important way to develop the subculture itself, but there is a certain limit to grow that scene to the next level without a general public's' interest and understanding. This is the reason why effective communication between a subculture (like digital nomads) and the mainstream public is important.

Challenging commercial and government organizations to adapt to digital nomad culture

Up till now digital nomads had to hack around and find ways to deal with systems that don't sufficiently support this kind of life and work style - from visas to taxes, housing, telecommunications and banking. Youjin says:

There is a real market for these people, and the governments and businesses are starting to attempt to adapt to this new generation.

The documentary will help the community to voice their needs, concerns and challenge existing systems.

Crowdfunding, but not with Kickstarter

Crowdfunding is a lot of hassle, getting funded on Kickstarter as a video/journalism project has poor odds and it's "all or nothing". Investing tons of effort into the campaign and risking all this work for "nothing" is incredibly demoralizing for any production team. Youjin decided to rely on the community, network and independent supporters to help cover the production and post production expenses. 

As a nomadic startup - we're happy to support the documentary and we're inviting our readers to give it a thought as well! If you want to be part of this leap in the history of digital nomadism - chip in for the documentary (production team will appreciate any help), follow the progress on Facebook and Twitter and give Youjin a shout.