Where to go When: For Adventure Seekers

When and where to catch your new adventure —  top voted recommendations from What’s It Like contributing travelers.

Madagascar in April

A forest of large jagged rock formations that is inaccessible during the wet season. There are opportunities for trekking, climbing, and camping. When to go to Madagascar


Socotra in January

Best weather and conditions for island wide expeditions, motorbike adventures. When to go to Socotra, Yemen

Canada in June

Perfect for summer time glacier skiing - sun is shining, the lakes are warm, and you can still ski! When to go glacier skiing


Socotra in June

Monsoon season brings strong winds and high sea and it's the best time for the wind adventures on the island. When to go surfing in Africa


Panama in January

The hike up the volcano is about 14km on a dirt path. From the top, you can see both the Atlantic and Pacific. It is best to go during the dry season because rain will muddy the path and make it rather dangerous. When to go climb Volcan Baru in Panama


Zambia in September

Devil's Pool - a natural pool that hangs right on the edge of the mighty fall is open to thrill seekers from the beginning of dry season, usually from the end of August, when the waters of Zambezi river are low. When to go to Zambia and Victoria Falls


Brazil in July

Experience the natural phenomena and surreal landscape of lagoons appearing between white sand dunes in Lencois Maranhenses after the wet season. When to go to see white dunes in Lencois Maranhenses in Brazil


Himalayas in October

October and November is the best time of year to catch breathtaking snow peaks of Himalayas. After the monsoon the air is clean, crisp and offers the best views starting from the beginning of October when the peaks get their snow caps on. When to go to Himalayas


Antarctica in November

It's summer in Antarctica, which means the temperature is around -14 to even +4 C. Would recommend taking the "budget" tour skipping Dec/Jan. When to go to Antarctica


Patagonia in December

Fill your bottle with pure glacial water from one of the countless roadside waterfalls as you travel through stunning mountain landscape. When to go to Patagonia

12 travel ideas for every month of the year

February: Uyuni salt flats turn into the world’s largest natural mirror

Bolivia is famous for its surreal salt flat landscapes, but not everyone knows that in the end of the wet season, when the salt flats still hold a couple of inches/cm of rain water, — the entire plateau turns into a mind-blowing natural mirror.

  Photo: http://pixgood.com/bolivian-salt-flats.html

Photo: http://pixgood.com/bolivian-salt-flats.html

March: Catch the clear blue ice of Baikal

This natural phenomenon is stunning — the blue ice of Baikal becomes exposed in glittering hummocks around March and along the shore of the lake you can take a peek deep down into the lake.

  Photo: https://500px.com/photo/61902027/baikal-ice-emerald-by-alexey-trofimov?from=user

Photo: https://500px.com/photo/61902027/baikal-ice-emerald-by-alexey-trofimov?from=user

April: Get your summer in spring 

April is a shoulder season in Florianopolis, Brazil, and with 42 beaches on the island alone you're guaranteed a great beach time with less crowds around.

  Photo:  Tiffany Lewis

Photo: Tiffany Lewis

May: The Great Wall of China in fresh colors

In spring, the colors of the forests and hills surrounding the wall turn bright, lush green. It's also a good time to avoid the crowds that are common in summer and autumn.

  Photo:  Threegen Liu

Photo: Threegen Liu

June: Take part in one of the most unique midsummer celebrations

Tiwanaku, Bolivia, is home to Aymara indians' midsummer celebrations that take place at the ancient Tiwanaku ruins at sunrise on June 21st to celebrate the new agricultural cycle. 

  Photo: http://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2013/06/the-solstice-and-the-supermoon/100540/

Photo: http://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2013/06/the-solstice-and-the-supermoon/100540/

July: Those surreal sand dunes...

July is the dry season in Jericoacoara, Brazil. It's marked with blue sky, huge white dunes and the spirit of adventure!

  Photo: Marcos Moreira

Photo: Marcos Moreira

August: Thrill seeking on Socotra island - surfing and kite surfing

August on Socotra, Yemen, is the wet and windy season - perfect for water sports' lovers.

September: Get ready for the breathtaking!

From July to October in Kenya, you can experience one of the “Seven New Wonders of the World” — The Great Wildebeest Migration — where calm meets chaos and beauty is the beast.

  Photo: David Noyes

Photo: David Noyes

October: Jasper Dark Sky Festival

Once a year Jasper, Canada, celebrates astronomical beauty of the dark sky with one of the most unique star gazing tours.


November: Ready to see 100 million red crabs?

November is the time of the massive migration of unique species - red crabs of Christmas Island, Australia. 

December: Perfect winter escape

El Nido, Philippines, is perfect for summer chasers, expect sunny weather and pleasantly hot temperatures for exploring the rock formations.

  Photo: Marina Janeiko

Photo: Marina Janeiko

January: A frozen winter wonderland

When the temperatures drop below zero C (32F) - The Plitvice Lake district in Croatia becomes a wonderland of frozen beauty.

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