It's quiet, it's peaceful, it's beautiful - it's Lake Toba

Our last place to visit in Indonesia was Lake Toba (Danau Toba in Indonesian) - world's largest volcanic lake (100km long, 30km wide) in the Northern Sumatra.

You can reach Toba by taking minibus or kijang from Medan to Parapat, small town on the mainland. You can stay in Parapat as it's also on the lake, but the best thing is to take a ferry to Samosir, an island in the middle of the lake. The lake is very calm, the water is smooth, and Samosir is a very beautiful place. Here is Lake Toba and Samosir island in different weather.

This is definitely the place to kick back, eat delicious food, watch the lake or just sleep in a hammock all day. Lake Toba among some other regions is home to Batak people, famous for their music and dances. They are mostly Christians and after being mostly in Muslim communities you can see it right away - locals drink a lot, play guitar and sing really loud when drunk. They make their own "jungle juice" - a liquor made from palm tree juice, and thats what on the table every evening. 

Bataks are also famous for their traditional architecture, their traditional houses are very beautiful - all wood is carved by hand and the roof is a true piece of art. For staying in Samosir we definitely recommend Liberta Homestay, you get a 2 floor traditional Batak house in a beautiful garden on the lake only for $6/night and their food and atmosphere is amazing. Here is our house.

For eating we recommend Liberta's kitchen and Today's cafe - the host, Juliet, speaks several languages, cooks very good curry and will gladly join you at your table for a chat.

Lake Toba is definitely a must see in Indonesia.

So this is it for Indonesia, we'll be back again! Next - Philippines!