Mui Ne, Vietnam

Mui Ne is a small resort town about 6 hours from Saigon. It's famous mostly for 3 things:

- kitesurfing

- Russians

- kitesurfing Russians

Kitesurfing is indeed spectacular in Mui Ne. The wind almost never stops and some days the sea and the sky is just covered with colorful kites and tiny human figures. Swimming in Mui Ne is hard though, the waves are so strong that you can't stand on your legs for more than 10 seconds, and the rest of the time you feel like you're in a spin-drier. Lost bikini parts & swimming trunks, naked butts is common.

Mui Ne is Russian 99% - Russian shops, restaurants, hotels, you'll probably hear more Russian on the street in Mui Ne than in Vilnius. Signs, menus, flyers, ads - everything has a Russian version which was source of entertainment for us and many other Russians as the spelling, grammar and vocabulary used was just hilarious bordering ridiculous. 

Accommodation varies a lot - you can stay in beach bungalows for $10/night or in a $100/night hotel. Food is great - lots of seafood, lots of cheap places to eat, almost everything is on the beach. Our favorite hangout place in Mui Ne was Кружка (The Mug) - a very chill cafe owned by very cool young Russian couple Xenia & Sasha who just left everything at home and moved to Mui Ne to open their own place. Кружка is definitely a must visit - pelmeni, mashed potatoes, tasty cocktails and nice company guaranteed!

Another nice thing to do in Mui Ne except hanging out on the beach and at Кружка is to rent motorbikes and go to see the huge dunes about 15km from Mui Ne. On the way to the dunes you pass long strips of empty beaches, quiet fishermen village harbours, serpentine roads and desert-like landscape. Such a pity that all this beauty is getting destroyed more and more by huge new hotels and villas.

The dunes are beautiful and almost surreal - just huge piles of white and red sand in the middle of the plains, not even close to the sea. As I understand the dunes were formed when the sea was covering this territory and just stayed there up till now. 

This was a great trip, so close to Saigon, yet almost another world. Next in the line - Hanoi and Cat Ba Town in Vietnam.