It's Asian Palma de Mallorca - it's Boracay island

Boracay is a tiny island south of Luzon (where the capital is) and kind of in the middle of the Philippines. It has a small sleepy town and a long strip of bars, clubs and restaurants along the perfect white beach. The water is not just transparent, it glows with emerald colors and in combination with white sand, palm trees and green hills on the horizon it's a perfect spot for paradise post cards. I'm not kidding, the water is really that green!

It's a popular destination for Koreans, Japanese, Taiwanese and Russians, and it's definitely not a backpackers spot as most places there are quite expensive and targetted at well paying "all inclusive" type tourists. Nevertheless, there are a couple of cool bars, buffets and souvenir shops. In the afternoon it's very nice to chill on the beach with happy hour cocktails and snacks like fried bananas and roasted peanuts. In Boracay we tried famous Filipino beef bone marrow soup - thats basically a stew with a huge bone floating in it, spicy but quite tasty.

We stayed at a small bungalow style hotel near Station 3 (the cheapest area) and paid $12 per night for a room with fan, wi-fi and cable tv. Station 3 is where it's also going to be less people and generally more chillaxed atmosphere. 

We didn't do much in Boracay - just working, swimming and relaxing, so that's the whole story. Next story - Iloilo, Bacolod and Dumaguete cities.